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Course: Online Artjournal Class “I am enough”

this online class is 100% in Englishyou can join whenever you want, this class is totally self paced. and the best: you have access for ever and ever :). so no time is running out!

in this online class I teach 3 different art journal pages, but all with the theme “I am enough”. The first art journal page is “breathe, trust and let go”, the second is “deal with limiting beliefs” and the third “face fears”.

ofcourse you can fill in the journaling as it suits you. you can learn how to play with your lovely art supplies & deal with these subjects. a win win situation if you ask me!

there’s is an intro in every lesson to explain why the subject matters to me.

in every lesson there are speed up video’s and real time video’s. in the speedup video’s you can simply watch & see me create very rapidly :). in the real time video’s I will tell you everything i am doing. i’m with you every step of the way.

I have added a supply list, but you only need that if you want to recreate exactly what i did. which is totally fine. if you already have enough art supplies (do we ever?), than use what you’ve got 🙂

so why don’t you join and create art with me?!

You can buy this online class


After purchasing, I will send you an email with your login information to the class room 🙂 

Gratis inspiratievideo Droom Meisjes Tekenen

Hey, wacht even, heb je mijn gratis video Droom Meisje tekenen al gezien?

Super inspirerend, jij kan dit ook! Promise :)

Wil je ook eens kijken of Droom Meisjes tekenen wat voor jou is? Schrijf je dan nu in en kijk mijn inspiratievideo hoe ik mijn Sally Strong Girl teken en ontvang wekelijks een kleurrijke nieuwsbrief vol inspiratie van mij!

Wat leuk dat je de gratis inspiratievideo Droom Meisjes Tekenen "Sally Strong Girl" wilt zien!